You Need to to Lose Weight

You Need to to Lose Weight

I was an active child when I was young.
I did gymnastics and never skipped a lesson.
However, I wasn't blessed when puberty hit me,
As I gained an enormous amount of weight.

I accepted the fact that I really needed to work out a lot to lose the weight.
But it wasn’t always easy.
The stigma that comes with weight gain is heart-wrenching.
Many times I go to see a doctor for whatever reason,
And the fact that I'm overweight has to come up.
"Back pain? Maybe you need to lose weight."
"Whooping cough? Have you considered losing weight?"

Comments made by people when they see me are still hurtful.
"You're expanding. Your butt’s getting enormous."
"What have you been eating? Whales?"
"You must like fried chicken, then".

The result is that I always feel anxious eating in public.
Or around people that I've just met.
Because they always assume that I'll always go for bigger portions.
I refrain from seeing people who haven't seen me for the past year or so.
Because they always comment on my weight.

I tend to cancel plans and prefer to stay in bed.
And order food instead of meeting people.
You might think that by doing that I'm actually making the problem worse,
And I agree.
But now the answer is, I don't know how to fix it either.

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