Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair

I have a big forehead and thin hair.
It makes me look like Mohamed Heneidy before he got a hair transplant.
My family and friends used to make fun of me.
When I tied my hair back, my father would tell me,
“Wear your hair down. It looks ugly tied back.”

I don’t know what they want from me.
Do they want me to get cosmetic surgery?
When I approach the subject of cosmetic surgeries, their reply is always,
“What’s wrong with your natural beauty? God created you that way.”
But they still make fun of me!

I used to straighten my hair every day for two years.
Until my hair started thinning even more.

I decided to wear my hair in its naturally curly state.
I stopped caring about people calling me names like, “mophead” or “baldy.”
God created me this way. Why should I change myself?
Straightening my hair isn’t any different from getting cosmetic surgery.

I’d like to say to everyone who asks me, “Why do you have thin/frizzy hair?”
When you die, ask God why He created me that way.

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