I’ve Always Been Strong

I’ve Always Been Strong

I’ve always been strong.
I’ve always known how to stand up for myself.
I was never a softie.
But I didn’t know I was supposed to be even stronger than this.
I thought I was doing alright.

I was walking down a busy street one day,
When I felt someone press against my back.
There was someone embracing me from behind.
I thought it was someone I knew,
But suddenly, it was as if my head was spinning.
I couldn’t tell who that person was.
I was in the arms of a stranger.
I was frightened.
I ran as fast as I could,
But it was too late.
He had already fondled my whole body.
I was distressed.
How could he do this?
Everything happened so quickly,
That I didn’t have time to defend myself.

What should I do?
He had no right to touch me.
It was over before I could hit him,
Or curse him.

I learned from this unfortunate incident to be quick in taking action,
But this has affected my everyday life,
And my interaction with friends.
It’s as if I’m tiptoeing through life.
I’m like a cat ready to pounce,
Ready to take action.

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