The Summer of 2002

In 2002, I was raped by my uncle for three consecutive months.
I was a 12-year-old girl. He was 54.
This happened in my room at my parents’ place every day during summer vacation.
I know everyone is probably now wondering how this went on in my bedroom every day for 3 months. Where were my parents?
I have only one answer to that: when parents don’t pay attention to their kids, anything could happen.
And that did happen and worse; I was almost a victim of human trafficking at the hands of the same psychopath.
After what happened that summer, I lost all memory related to the incidents and only regained them in 2017.
How did that happen? How could someone lose their memory that easily?
I have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Of course, that happened after all the rape; it was enough reason to lose those memories.
My brain blocked the whole thing.
In 2017, something triggered those memories and brought them back.
I decided to punish my rapist, or at least get him thrown in jail.
I talked to my mother's family about it (he was my mother’s brother).
However, I found out that the rest of my uncles were paedophiles too; more than 15 girls in the family had been sexually abused by them.
So, the only thing I received from them were threats to kill me if I didn’t shut up.

I have evidence.
The biggest proof I have is this story.
I will keep fighting for my rights.
It's the least I can do for myself and society, to protect other children from these abusers.
If you have been abused before, trust me I know what it feels like.
I know you are scared.

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